About Us

The Toni Love Group has been designed for like-minded people. We want to assist in teaching people how to maximize their business and increase their revenue. We will provide information on recruiting, retention, general business information, and so much more. We will provide “inside” information on different industry events, local, nationally, and internationally. Also, we provide information for cancer patients and survivors, as we understand the challenges in regards to losing hair and the transitional stages of regrowth.

Today, we need to be informed of the changes in industry and technology. This group will keep you abreast of current information and provide tips to be used in everyday life. It is not only for the beauty professionals, the information is geared to anyone in business or looking to pursue a business. Students and consumers are all welcomed to be a part of this experience.

Toni has been in the cosmetology industry for years. Yet, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. She has a Master’s degree in Continuing Education and hours above in Psychology, School Administration and Career and Technical Education. She is pursuing a Education Specialist Degree. Therefore, she is committed to providing information within this group to educate and enlighten the members. (Toni’s information, visit www.tonilove.com.)

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